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[Born in Kelantan (moved to Penang at age 2 so can't kecek Kelate, raised in Penang, grew up in KL/Selangor (2nd school, matriculation and University, married, and working in KL/Selangor) Studied Law at IIUM, joined Ana Edar Sdn. Bhd. in early 1998, became CEO in 2001 (secret to my success: family business :-D). Likes reading leadership, motivation and self help stuff. Applying the knowledge in real life? Well that's a different story. But of course, trying hard :-).]


Born in Melaka 39 years ago (I know..I know..I look much much younger than my age...hihi, well age is just a number..psstt...rahsianya kena amalkan jus QASEH :D). My early education until Form 3 was in Melaka. Later I went to KISAS and then pursued my degree in Laws & Shariah in IIUM. Alhamdulillah, happily married to an awesome man and blessed with 3 wonderful gems. Joined Ana Edar in 2001, committed to and passionate in upholding its vision in developing and strengthening the economy of the ummah through business jihad, insya Allah. Favourite words among others : Inspiring, Energetic, Passionate, Committed, Responsible, Charasmatic, Determined..(try repeating them every morning…believe me, it really works).


Ya. saya memang cikgu. Dah berhenti mengajar di sekolah sejak 15 tahun lepas. Lepasan Sek. Men. Vokasional, bidang Perdagangan dan Perakuanan.  Belajar jadi cikgu di Maktab Perguruan Teknik, Cheras. Juga dalam bidang Perdagangan.   Pernah mengajar di SM Jengka 18, Temerloh dan juga SMK Seberang Jaya. Mula menjadi pengedar & stokis Ana Edar sejak tahun 1990. Kemudiannya masuk USM ambil bidang Teknologi Pendidikan (Komputer). Sekarang bertugas di Ana Edar sebagai Pengurus Besar... namun tetap dikenali sebagai 'cikgurosman'.

Wan Amalina

Studied Development Management in UUM Sintok, bornt in Terengganu. Keropok ikan is what I can't resist. Mother-to-be, someone who loves to cook for my family and friends. A simple person who likes to travel to places.

The Khalidah 

A fiction author with multiple personalities and this one is the closest to the core. Being 'forced' by fate into UiTM Hotel School for five wonderful years instead of the Archi School. Love great food, beautiful buildings, and product packaging design. Love classic and modern instrumental music as well as jazz.
Recent highest achievement: Overcame my fear to burn a match stick.
Greatest future goal: Overcoming my fear to drive a car.
Masih jomblo  v(=..='')v